DPRP Review of Fast and Blue

Fast And Blue offers up epics like the 18-minute Prometheus, which showcases some dramatic Transatlantic-esque sections, a synth solo sounding like the cry of an intergalactic pterodactyl, and sections evoking Genesis and Relayer-era Yes. Other tracks on the CD are…Read more

Ytsejam Review!

Like The Tangent's The Music that Died Alone and Proto Kaw under a heavy Vangelis influence, Fast and Blue is an album of LaRue's true musical identity, and the music itself is more eased and tame, without a bunch of…Read more

Prognaut Review!!

" ... the music here is EPIC! This album has the best of the 70s and the present day progressive rock has to offer..." READ REVIEW HERE

Fast and Blue Listening Party

Frans Keylard of The Rogue's Gallery hosted the 2-hour CD Listening Party on The Dividing Line.  With spoken words interjected with the songs by key players on the album, it's a 2-hour extravaganza that will be leaving you wanting not…Read more

LL and 2KX partner with ROCKTUNZ.COM

Lisa LaRue has partnered with ROCKTUNZ.COM as a single source for all Lisa LaRue music, including back catalog, Project 2K9 and the upcoming 2KX CD, "Fast and Blue."  The site also offers the "Rockommender" which will lead you to discover… Read more

Sea of Tranquility reviews "World Class"

"World Class is full of great melodic keyboard arrangements that are written and executed perfectly. LaRue has definitely surrounded herself with a stellar cast of musicians here and this is another big reason why this album works as well…Read more

USA Prog Music

"Kituwa" is a gem though. Perfect guitar / keyboard interplay and superb drums and bass accompaniment. This was a lovely journey through many prog epochs and genres. Fantastic! Worth buying just for this track.   Read full interview

Featured article in new issue of "Progression"

"Imagination, commitment and willingness to take risks are virtues that should stoke any artistic endeavor.  For a recording project on the magnitude of keyboardist Lisa LaRue's most recent effort, banishing one's inner control freak might be an absolute prerequisite..."   OrderRead more

DPRP Reviews World Class

"In Camera has a Rick Wakeman air about ... Steve Adams provides sitar like guitar embellishments and a lively Trevor Rabin flavoured solo...Lisa’s digital strings and piano perfectly underscoring David Mark Pearce’s beautiful classical guitar picking. ..Payne providing his customary…Read more