Beautiful Life - Lisa LaRue 2KX and friends

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Beautiful Life - Lisa LaRue 2KX and friends

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Los Angeles, CA – Lisa LaRue 2KX has recorded a special EP of three songs, entitled “Beautiful Life”, whose proceeds are going to benefit a family who has always been an ardent supporter of the band. The couple has recently been struggling with multiple life setbacks, from foreclosure and unemployment to cancer.

The EP, which encompasses several different music genres, also features contributions from Lisa LaRue on keyboards, Steve Adams (ARZ,Lisa LaRue 2KX) on guitar, Don Schiff ( Rocket Scientists, Elvis, Tina Turner, Sheryl Crow and most recently, Lisa LaRue 2KX) on bass and Merrill Hale (ARZ, Lisa LaRue 2KX) on drums. Also joining them for this special project are Schiff’s brother Dave (former Frank Sinatra Jr. Orchestra) on saxophone and alto flute, and John Baker (Mars Hollow) on vocals, interpreting lyrics penned by writer/poet Amy Vaughan Simmons.

In these times of an ever changing industry that gives fans and musicians alike a chance to both interact and support each other in many different ways, participants of the Beautiful Life project felt very satisified with the result.

Lisa LaRue was reflective about the effort.

“My contribution came simply from the heart. I feel this project does both - it not only helps this family, but hopefully will inspire others to become part of the circle of life.... to give IS to receive, as we are blessed in many ways in return.”, she remarked.

She went on to state: “ It gave me the opportunity to continue working with my writing partner, Steve Adams, to continue a new collaborating partnership with Don Schiff, to get the opportunity to bring John Baker in on a project and to be introduced to the wonderful Dave Schiff and experience how his contributions have brought yet another spice to Lisa LaRue 2KX. Working with Amy Simmons as lyricist always brings a real spirit to the music, and as always, Merrill Hale surprises us with his creative drumming. All in all, it allowed me to watch yet another musical idea blossom into a living, breathing piece of music.”

Other project participants had similar feelings.

“I feel that contributing to "Beautiful Life" was a delight considering what was created with this gene pool of artists.” stated Steve Adams. “Aside from the intrinsic reward of creating, giving back always feels good. Don's groovin' tune, heavily jazz-flavored, Lisa's melodic and powerful ballad, and my acoustic tune seemed to be in polar opposition stylistically; however together as a band project it works showcasing mood, nuance, and feeling. I was also very pleased to hear the addition of Dave Schiff's tasty sax riffing and John Baker's stellar vocals.” he added.

“I felt I could say something musically to express how glorious, expressive one life can make on impacting many other,” said producer /contributor Don Schiff. “I think, live, believe spiritually. It was on track for me- a validation 'of being'. Always, when you work with such high caliber musicians the creativity is second nature and ongoing. Each person had their own story to add to the piece. As I heard each artists addition, it just kept 'opening' and 'unfolding'. Truly for me, the whole is much greater than the parts.”

Don’s brother, Dave added: “I believe the real reward is the feeling in your heart, and soul, and the feeling of compassion for another human being. No other reward can compare. The material stuff will follow. “ He went on to say: “My brother Don's tracks, always give me inspiration to create my musical contribution so that when I listen to what I play later, I ask myself.."Where did that come from?" Also Lisa's keyboard skills gave me a great road map to follow. “

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