2KX Tributes Russian Tragedy July 2012

 American progressive rock keyboardist and songwriter Lisa LaRue has crafted an epic song to tribute the children lost in the tragic July 10th, 2011 sinking of the Russian tourist ship "Bulgaria". The "Bulgaria”, in dire need of repair and over capacity, sailed on the Volga River and rapidly floundered in bad weather. Over one hundred were lost in the disaster including over fifty children enjoying themselves in the ship's playroom. When a disc jockey from a Moscow radio station brought the tragedy to the attention of LaRue, she felt compelled to make a heartfelt statement, recalling an incident from the history of her Native American Cherokee Indian heritage. "When my grandmother was a child, she lived at a mission and the fullblood children were locked in a certain cabin at night, apparently so they couldn't leave and return home. One night, there was a fire and all of them perished. We all began as one people, there is one God, one truth. Music is the Universal language, but so are children."

Investigations indicated the Bulgaria operated as a cruise ship without a proper license and carried eighty people more than the rated capacity when she left the dock at Bolgar bound for Kazan on that ill-fated day. To compound the tragedy, two ships passed the sinking "Bulgaria" without stopping to assist, a matter under investigation by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. The accident happened so rapidly that the crew was unable to launch any lifeboats. This tragedy shook the region of the Russian Federation but has been mostly overlooked. LaRue feels this event deserves worldwide attention, reminding us how often we overlook one of our greatest treasures - our children. "(Children) are born with no specific language, but are taught and molded by us. It is all of our jobs to raise the children of the world, and a responsibility to put their safety and futures as our priority. We need to make sure regulations and policies are in place the world over to protect this treasure - our children."

For "Lemniscate - Children of the Bulgaria", Lisa LaRue 2KX (including LaRue, guitarist Steve Adams, NS Stick/upright bass player Don Schiff, sax player and flutist Dave Schiff, cellist Mike Alvarez and drummer Merrill Hale) is joined with special guests John Baker (Mars Hollow) and Michael Sadler (Saga) on choir vocals. According to LaRue, "The song is a thirteen minute prog epic that is a musical drama telling a very sonically vivid story of the terrible events of that day."

Lisa LaRue, an award winning keyboardist and composer, first became known for her Native American-influenced music when she was the first female artist signed to the Sound of America Records label (SOAR) Natural Visions imprint. Heavily influenced by the American and British prog rock scenes, she then focused on her own prog projects Lisa LaRue 2K9 and later Lisa LaRue 2KX releasing the critically acclaimed CD "Fast and Blue". With her more recent project, the EP "Beautiful Life", LaRue has donated the proceeds to benefit a dedicated fan’s ailing spouse.

"Lemniscate - Children of the Bulgaria" will debut on night July 7 and July 12, 2012, the one year anniversary of the tragedy. It will be aired by DJ Igor Dygalo's radio shows “Pearl Diver” and “Red Shark” in Moscow and can be accessed, respectively, on-line July 7 at http://www.rockfm.ru. (12 a.m. Moscow time, that is corresponding to 1 pm Pacific Time or to 4 pm Eastern Time, July 6) and July 12 at http://kp.ru/radio/ (1 a.m. Moscow time, that is corresponding to 2 pm Pacific Time or to 5 pm Eastern Time, July 11). It will also be available for purchase at iTunes and other digital outlets.

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