Lisa LaRue Now Official EARZ Ambassador.

Lisa LaRue and EARZ are pleased to announce Lisa's involvement with the new music sharing app and company, EARZ, slated to launch later this year.  As such, she has been named as the first "EARZ Ambassador," and is offering the EP "Sussuration", as well as "The Lisa LaRue Collection" to those who join in on the EARZ Kickstarter campaign.  There is also a T-shirt available as a reward, featuring the cover of Sussuration, with artwork by world-renowned artist, Keith Birdsong (see the Lisa LaRue homepage for more info on Birdsong, or just Google!!).  Lisa will also be involved with Earz in many other capacities as an Ambassador, closer to and after the official launch.  To become a part of this music sharing revolution, please visit the EARZ KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN page.... and scroll down to see info on these rewrds benefits from 'Ambassador LaRue.'  

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