Lisa LaRue and other Artists Appear on “A Lack of Empathy: The American Dream” to Benefit Hurricane Victims

The idea behind this release was not only to help raise funds and help for friends, neighbors and the families of Texas, Right on the heals Harvey we saw more devastating hurricanes both Irma and Maria were also Catagory 5 Hurricanes that created havoc killed people and displaced 1,000’s more. There were a few other very devastating incidents including Typhoon Noru and two earthquakes in Mexico City. Our goal with this project is not only raising as much money as possible for the victims and families but to also maintain focus on all those devastated by the recent catastrophic events with this release long after the media moves its focus onto another sound bite. 

1. John Baker – I’ll Be The One 03:38 

2. Stratospheerius – Today Is Tommorrow 04:50 

3. Darrel Treece-Birch – No Fear 05:42 

4. Lisa LaRue 2KX – Lament Of The Cherokee – Ruins Of Home 07:29 

5. GorMusik – Waxed Apples 05:56 

6. Marco Ragni – Skies Painted By The Wind 05:39 

7. Nelson Blanchard – Just Imagine (The Storm) 03:34 

8. Transport Aerian – Float – Live 01:58 

9. Robert Schindler – On The Streets 05:46 

10. Gary Lucas & Jann Klose – Mary Magdalene 03:32 

11. AraPacis – Wanderlust 05:59 

12. Kyle Morrison – Mammoth 03:55 

13. Djam Karet – Evil Gimpy 06:20 

14. Jack Potter – Shield of Winter Part 1 09:41 

15. Dark Beauty – Mystery of the Mind (Artie Productions Remix) 07:18 

16. The Coustics – Dreamers Avenue 04:53 

17. Rizengard – Molokos 04:06 

There are two ways you can help and in return for your help you will receive a digital copy of “A Lack of Empathy: The American Dream”. 

Option 1. 
You can donate how every much (There is, however, a Minumum) you want for any track or full album from the There Is Hope Records Bandcamp Store, all money from sales minus Bandcamp/PayPal service charges go directly to Music For Relief. 

Option 2. 
We will give out a free copy A Lack of Empathy: The American Dream to anyone that sends us proof of helping those in need whether it be a donation receipt to a local charity/charity of their choice or a photo of them on the ground helping out in some way. 

From all of us involved in this project thank you! Please share this 

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