Lisa LaRue

Keyboardist, Composer

Life After Mars • 2KX

AVAILABLE NOW! (Click cover image)

AVAILABLE NOW! (Click cover image)

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Lisa LaRue to Release New Retrospective Album “Origins” Featuring Gilli Smyth, John Payne, Michael Sadler and Others on Melodic Revolution Records 


Recently signed to Melodic Revolution Records, keybordist & composer Lisa LaRue is set to release her new album “Origins” in April 2018! A double album celebrating 25 years and 11 release by LaRue, “Origins” features some of the best musicians in the business: John Payne Asia, GPS), Michael Sadler (Saga), Mitch Perry (Talas, Aerosmith), Gilli Smyth (Gong), Don Schiff (Rocket Scientist, Kracked Earth), Federico Fantacone (Orchestre Celesti) John Baker (Forever Twelve, Mars Hollow) as well as Steve…

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Lisa LaRue and other Artists Appear on “A Lack of Empathy: The American Dream” to Benefit Hurricane Victims 

The idea behind this release was not only to help raise funds and help for friends, neighbors and the families of Texas, Right on the heals Harvey we saw more devastating hurricanes both Irma and Maria were also Catagory 5 Hurricanes that created havoc killed people and displaced 1,000’s more. There were a few other very devastating incidents including Typhoon Noru and two earthquakes in Mexico City. Our goal with this project is not only raising as much money as possible for the victims and families but to…

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The Lisa LaRue Collection Volume Two to be Released Oct. 1 

Picking up where the first volume left off, the tracks include selections from 2011's Fast and Blue, the Beautiful Life EP, the Fantacone/LaRue album Sonic Landscapes, Sussuration, and a bonus track  - a 30 year old demo Lisa did with the legendary Gilli Smyth of Gong and Mother Gong.  Special guests on the tracks, in addition to Gilli, includ Asia's John Payne, Saga's Michael Sadler, Mitch Perry (Cher, The Runaways and more) and others.  the first volume is still available in the shop as well.

Perfect for…

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Mars Hollow Announces New Name "Life After Mars" - Lisa LaRue announced as keyboardist 

Progressive rock band Mars Hollow has announced that they will be recording a new album after a nearly 5-year hiatus. The announcement was made during a semi-reunion show and subsequent radio interview in June, and came on the heels of a show billed as “John Baker and Steve Mauk Perform the Music of Mars Hollow” in Chicago. The show was the first time Mars Hollow has performed live since May, 2012. The most recent studio effort from the group was the track “So Far Away,” which also had a video release and…

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